Stunning Footage of Blanket Octopuses Billowing Out Their Shimmering Iridescent Rainbow Webs to Divers

While in the waters of the Romblon Pass at The Three P Resort in the Mimaropa region of the Philippines, diver Joseph Elayani captured absolutely stunning footage of two female blanket octopuses.

As each of these unusual cephalopods swam by, they billowed out their long shimmering webs for which they get their name. The webs rippled beautifully in the current, showcasing the remarkable iridescent rainbow colors and enormous size.

While the sight was absolutely spectacular, the octopuses were actually sending a stay-away warning to the divers.

…when threatened, the female unfurls her large net-like membranes that spread out and billow in the water, greatly increasing her apparent size.

Elayani also posted a longer video of the same dive.

via Miss Celania