‘Black Mirror’ Season 6 Easter Eggs and Callbacks

The ever-gracious Paul of Heavy Spoilers provides a full rundown of the five titillating episodes within the sixth season of Black Mirror. This includes all the Easter Eggs and callbacks to previous episodes that were hiding in plain sight.

Big Spoiler Alert for anyone who has not yet watched the series.

We review, recap and explain the new Netflix Black Mirror Season Episode 1 and talk about the hidden details, references and the true meaning of the ending.

The first episode of the season, Joan Is Awful, provides a number of callbacks through the main menu of “Streamberry”, a video streaming service that is a spoof of Netflix.

We see the service being accessed at several points and there’s lots of different titles that you can catch on it. … “Finding Ritman is a reference to Black Mirror’s “Bandersnatch”. “The Callow Years” is another reference to Prime Minister Michael Callow from “The National Anthem” “Hot Shots” is from “15 Million Merits”…there’s a documentary on Victoria Skillane from the episode “White Bear” …finally you can catch a project titled “Junipero Dreaming”, which features similar imagery to the episode “San Junipero”

Streamberry Main Menu

Paul points out more of these references in his breakdown of the next four episodes in the season.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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