Fascinating Facts About Beautiful Black Cats

Mallory Crusta of Cats.com shared several fascinating facts about black cats noting that these beautiful cats have been completely misunderstood throughout history.

Of all the coat colors that a cat can have there’s none that’s captured Humanity’s imagination quite like black cats. In general, they have been associated with the occult and witchcraft since the 13th century at least. But black cats specifically have also cemented their place in myths and legends. When you think about Halloween the image of a black cat comes up 

Crusta further spoke about how black cats have gray skin, how they can also be tabby cats, how their coat can “rust” in the sun, and how this color isn’t limited to a single breed. She also spoke plainly about “black cat bias” and the difficulty black cats have with being photographed and getting adopted.

People have also noticed that the color of the black cat can kind of make it harder to empathize with them or understand what their their emotional signals are, and so it’s been speculated that the difficulty of photographing black cats can make it harder for them to adopt out. So when you’re looking at those shelter listings it can be harder to pick the black cats. Regardless of the reason for this bias, it has been shown in multiple examples that black cats tend to stay in shelters longer

Here’s Laughing Squid’s beautiful black office cat Belladonna Nightshade.