Birdie, A Simple Parachute-Like Device Used For Aerial Photography With a GoPro

Birdie Kit

Birdie is a simple parachute-like device for aerial photography with a GoPro. Users place their GoPro inside Birdie, set it to record or snap photos, and then throw Birdie into the air. The camera then captures an overhead view as Birdie slowly sails back to Earth.

The designers of Birdie funded its initial run through an Indiegogo campaign, and it is available to order now through Amazon.

Birdie is an aerodynamic accessory for action cams like the GoPro. Launch it into the air while your camera takes continuous photos or videos on the way up to maximum altitude, and on the way back down.

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Birdie in the Air

Birdie Over Tiny Lake

Birdie Over Geisers

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