Biophysicist Scientifically Analyzes ‘Rick and Morty’

In a methodical episode of the BuzzFeed series Professionals React, biophysicist James Bodecker of the Dornsife School at the University of Southern California scientifically analyzes several different plotlines from Rick and Morty. Among those subjects Boedicker addresses are multiverses, wormholes, the Big Bang theory and carbon-based life forms. Boedicker also mentions that he’s a big fan of the show and has seen almost every episode of the series.

I’m actually a big fan of ‘Rick and Morty’….they really dive into somewhat accurate kind of science or I mean maybe it’s slightly on the edge of science fiction, but it’s certainly the modern topics that the real physicists are grappling with when they go to work. Who knows? I mean maybe …one of these guys doing string theory calculations. Maybe the key insight is really in one of these ‘Rick and Morty’ episodes that will really tie something together that we don’t fully understand yet


Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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