The Remarkable Biology of the Dragonfly That Makes Them Uniquely Effective Predators

Stephanie Sammann of Real Science (previously) takes a look at the remarkable biology of the dragonfly that makes them incredibly agile in pursuing prey and evading predators. This has to do with having direct flight muscles that allow them to fly in any direction at any time.

Despite being considered relatively primitive insects, dragonflies possess some of the most unique and spectacular flight adaptations of any animal, allowing them both to reach fast aerial speeds and be incredibly agile. …Being able to switch between such a wide variety of flight behaviors and aerial acrobatics is what makes dragonflies such efficient predators when hunting flying insects as well as when evading predators of their own.

Samman also explains how the dragonfly’s vision and large brain give them a unique predatory advantage.

Dragonflies don’t just dominate flight they have incredible vision their characteristic compound eyes are the largest in the insect kingdom. …These vision abilities combined with their flying prowess create a formidable predator. However it’s how these two things are integrated that make the dragonfly the most effective predator alive today.

The Remarkable Biology of the Dragonfly

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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