Billy Joel Performs His New Song ‘Turn the Lights Back On’ at Different Deep Faked Ages in His Career

Musician Billy Joel worked with Trey Parker and Matt Stone‘s deep fake company, DeepVoodoo to create a wonderful music video for “Turn the Lights Back On” that shows him performing at four different ages in his career. The song, which was co-written with Freddy Wexler, is Joel’s first new single since 2007.

Directed by: Warren Fu & Freddy Wexler

Concept By: Freddy Wexler

Production Company: Partizan Entertainment

Line Production Company: north of now

Executive Producer: Sara Nix

Generative A.I by DeepVoodoo

Billy Joel Spoke With Howard Stern About the Meaning Behind the Song

Billy Joel talks about the meaning behind his new song “Turn the Lights Back On” and shares how Freddy Wexler coaxed Billy into the recording studio.

Bill Joel Also Appeared on ‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert’ to Talk About the Song

Billy Joel gives Stephen Colbert a peek behind the curtain at his creative process and shares what motivated him to release his first new single in 30 years, “Turn The Lights Back On.”

Here’s Behind-the-Scenes Footage of the Video

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