Big Squeeze, A Hand Tool That Helps You Get the Most Content Out of Squeeze Tubes

Big Squeeze is a hand tool designed to help people get the most content outof squeeze tubes. The device rolls tubes through two interlocking gears that flatten it and forces out all its contents.

With easy to grip ergonomic handles the Big Squeeze is a patented hand tool that quickly and easily empties any tube. The gears push the contents forward, while flattening and crimping the empty portion of the tube. Just insert a tube between the gears, squeeze the handles, and turn the crank; it’s that easy. Even children or adults with arthritis can easily use the Big Squeeze.

Product Evolutions, the company behind the Big Squeeze, is raising money for the first production run of their device with a Kickstarter campaign.

Big Squeeze in Action

Big Squeeze and Paints

Big Squeeze White and Black Paint

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips

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