Big-Hearted Yorkshire Woman and Her Husband Share Their Semi-Detached Home With 41 Dogs

A big-hearted woman named Lynn Everett recently opened up to a SWNS Animals reporter about the 25 French bulldogs, six Chinese crested dogs and 10 miniature English Bull Terriers with whom she and her husband Tony share their surprisingly uncluttered home in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, England. The lively self-described pack leader talked about why she has so many dogs, how they care for the dogs and what will happen to the dogs after the humans around them are gone. While the couple is currently limited to 41 dogs per city council, according to the Yorkshire Post, Everett would share her home with many more.

Ms Everett and her husband, Tony Morgan, live amongst their dogs in her three-bedroomed semi on a very normal-looking street in Barnsley. The dogs are free to roam the downstairs of the house and share the sofas with the couple. According to producers, 41 is the maximum number the council will allow her to keep but if she could, she’d have many more. …”It’s a stressful existence living amongst 41 dogs and Lynn and Tony have a very fiery relationship, especially when it comes to matters concerning the dogs. …Not many people could cope with the set-up the couple have in the house but Lynn’s personality seems to suit it perfectly.

via Yorkshire Post, Oddity Central

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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