Big Bang Theory, A Tiny Art Car With 10 Retractable Bowling Pins


photo by Ariel Dovas

Bowling Pin Car

photo by Jennifer Boriss

“Big Bang Theory” by San Francisco artist Eric Staller is an adorable Fiat 500 art car with 10 retractable bowling pins poking out of the passenger side. The pins can extend almost fully outside the car or retract within, and seem to do so autonomously, even when the car is parked and left unattended. The car has been baffling pedestrians in San Francisco’s Mission district over the Summer, though it was first built in 1996.

Some ridiculous/mysterious force seems to have thrust 10 bowling pins into one side of this old Fiat 500.
The pins breathe in and out with a slight twisting motion. As the viewer approaches, the pins bang in and out violently, shaking the whole car.

We’ve written about Staller’s work in the past: see his Conference Bike and Goldfish Bowl Helmet.

via Super Punch

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