‘Behind the Bellows’, A Beautiful Documentary About the History the Accordion and Its Effect on Popular Culture

“Behind the Bellows”, by filmmaker and good friend of Laughing Squid Steve Mobia, is a beautiful documentary about the accordion, an often denigrated instrument that has found newfound respect as of late. Mobia explores the history and the future of the accordion through interviews with legendary and lesser-know accordion players who have always seen the beauty in this incredible and unique instrument.

This film has been a labor of love that took over seven years to complete. Well done Steve.

Seven years in the making, this is an American documentary about the beloved but often misunderstood squeezebox; it’s history and variety as well as it’s effect on popular culture. Contains insightful interviews with accordion legends such as Anthony Galla-Rini, Guy Klucevsek and Dick Contino among many others.