The Bee Movie But Every Time They Say Bee, PBS Idea Channel Explains The Deal With Bee Movie

To explain the meme of editing versions of Bee Movie in absurd and technically specific ways, PBS Idea Channel created “The Bee Movie But Every Time They Say Bee We Explain The Deal With Bee Movie” which, in keeping with the meme, is exactly what the title describes. Every time someone in Bee Movie says “bee” Idea Channel inserts their video explaining the meme. The resulting video is just over 11 hours long, and it also serves as a video editing tutorial to help viewers make their own technical memes.

Over the last couple months you may have seen these videos popping up. The Bee Movie But Every Time They Say Bee It Gets Faster, The Bee Movie But Without Bees, The Entire Bee Movie But ONLY the Word Bee. We thought, since they’re a little complicated – they involve editing video, export settings – maybe we’d show you how to make one in our first ever Idea Channel SCREENCAST! Along the way we’ll talk about how this whole meme happened, what it means and why people choose the source materials they do. Why Bee Movie, Shrek or All Star? The answer probably isn’t just “its funny” or “because internet! Lol!” So let’s dive into making our own Bee Movie technical meme and find some answers!

Host Mike Rugnetta mentions a few examples of Bee Movie memes in the video, and here are a few others for reference.

Glen Tickle
Glen Tickle

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