Beans, An Animated Mock Ad About Gassy Astronauts Being Ravaged by a Monster on the Moon

Soho, London-based visual effects studio Cinesite has created “Beans,” an animated mock ad about a group of gassy astronauts being ravaged by a deadly space monster on the moon, complete a well-timed flatulent surprise at the end. The fake baked beans commercial is Cinesite’s first in-house animated short film. It was written and directed by animator Alvise Avati and produced by Cinesite animation director Eamonn Butler.

The look of the lunar environment is based on NASA film footage and actual lunar photography. Eamonn says, “At the start, the film is quite serious in tone and then it develops, becoming more dramatic as it progresses before ending on a surprise. To support this, the environment needed to be photo-realistic. We also wanted to push the animation and effects as far as we could to make the film as dramatic as possible before the payoff.

via Adweek

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