An Adorable Beagle Gets Really Distracted During the Agility Course at the Westminster Dog Show


An absolutely adorable beagle named Mia, who was competing in the agility category at the Westminster Dog Show, somehow became really distracted while she was running the course. She started rather promisingly, but stopped to give herself a sniff. After going right back into her routine, Mia stopped in her tracks and looked around at the amused audience.

Inside Edition spoke with Mia’s human Natalie about Mia’s adorable antics.

Mia the beagle is a contestant in the agility championship. When she competed on Sunday, she was going through the obstacle course then came to a dead stop, sniffed the turf and looked around in awe at her surroundings. Video of Mia’s antics went viral and while she didn’t win the competition, she stole the show. Mia also stopped and sniffed herself as a dog does.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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