Batman!!! The TV Show: The Play

Batman!!! the TV Show: the Play

Holy 60’s TV Rip-offs! Impossible Productions presents Batman!!! The TV Show: The Play at San Francisco’s Darkroom Theater. Batman runs from October 7th through 30th (Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays) and is directed and written by Jim Fourniadis, produced by Erin Ohanneson with tech mastered by Ty McKenzie and stars: Jack Daniel, Colin Benoit, mikl-em, Dr. Hal Robins, Sean Owens, Anomaly, Meliza Banales, Don Wood, Leon Setti, Craig Dickerson, and Cameron Eng.

Pandemonium reigns when the theft of a molecular mass divisor signals the first domino to fall in a nefarious crime wave to topple the noble city of Gotham. Who will rescue the fair citizens of this great metropolis?!?! Holy obvious set up, old chum!! It’s none other than that dynamic duo Batman and Robin, the caped crusaders of justice, freedom and tortured aphorisms!

UPDATE: Here are some photos I shot at the 10/22/05 production of Batman.