A Brave Naturalist Follows a Fierce Teeth Baring Honey Badger As She Forages for Food

Buster the Honey Badger

In a clip from the BBC show Deadly 60, naturalist Steve Backshall had the challenging opportunity to follow a honey badger named Buster as she foraged for food during exercise time. The little weasel moved quickly through the South African landscape, turning around to growl and bare her teeth at Bachkshall. While Buster is one of the only of her species who can tolerate and perhaps even enjoy humans at times, when it comes to food however, honey badger don’t care.

In the wild, these animals are on the move all day foraging for food. To keep Buster happy and in tip-top shape, she’s taken out for regular exercise. We’re lucky enough to join her and see her in action. …Buster the honey badger is not afraid to bite while foraging for food.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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