Banksy Sets Up a Street Stall at the Venice Biennale With Art Critical of the Canal’s Cruise Ship Problems

Banksy Venice Biennale

During the Venice Biennale 2019 art exhibition, elusive street artist Bansky stealthily set up a stall along artist’s row to feature multi-panel artwork of the city’s famous canals. As of late, however, these gorgeous waterways have become lousy with giant cruise ships that bring in tourists from all over the world. Banksy’s reflected the scope of this problem in a piece he called “Venice in Oil”.

Setting out my stall at the Venice Biennale. Despite being the largest and most prestigious art event in the world, for some reason, I’ve never been invited.

The local authorities were not happy with Banksy’s unpermitted presence and shut him down post haste. While the artist was rolling the controversial artwork away along the bank of the canal, a giant cruise ship began blowing its horn at a gondola.

Banksy at Venice Biennale

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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