Detailed Art Made With Strategically Bruised Bananas

Artist Anna Chojnicka, the Banana Bruiser, creates uniquely detailed art portraits by strategically bruising bananas with a blunt instrument. No ink is ever used. Chojnicka explains that she started using this medium when she was sick with COVID-19 in March 2020.

By week two, the delirium was setting in. I picked up a fork and began running it along the peel of a banana. Half an hour later, the mark I made had become a clear brown line. An hour after that and it was black.

She also shares how she makes this art.

bruise the peel by pressing into it lightly with a blunt point. Speeding up and controlling the bruising process conjures light and shade in the image. Over a few hours, the mark gradually goes darker until black. I start with the darkest parts of the image first, and then work my way backwards, finishing with the lightest parts last.

Chojnicka makes sure that no banana goes to waste.

By managing the timing, it’s possible to make intricate images with graduating shades. There’s a short window of time when the image looks its best; I photograph the banana, and then eat it.

via Boing Boing