Bacon Body Wash, A ‘Clear, Meaty Liquid Soap’

Bacon Body Wash

Smell bacon fresh!

Bacon Body Wash is a bottle of “clear, meaty liquid soap” by Archie McPhee created so you can smell like a delicious slice of bacon after every bath or shower. It is available to purchase online. This product would go along great with Archie McPhee’s Bacon Flavored Toothpaste and Sizzling Bacon Candy.

Before this fantastic product, when you wanted to shower with liquid bacon, your best bet would be to take a vat of bacon drippings into the shower with you and use it to moisturize. This resulted in glowing, shiny skin and clogged drains. This Bacon Body Wash brings the exhilarating aroma of bacon to yet another part of your morning routine. The friendly Mr. Bacon on the label wants you to smell like he does.