A Heartwarming Compilation of Adorable Highlights From Baby Hippo Fiona’s First Four Months of Life

Fiona Swimming

The staff at Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden celebrated the four month birthday of Fiona, the absolutely adorable baby hippopotamus who was born prematurely and severely underweight in January. Since that time, Fiona has set and met a number of goals, some of which were highlighted in a truly heartwarming compilation.

t’s hard to believe that Fiona is 4 months old! We celebrate how far she’s come in those few short months. She was born on January 24, six weeks premature and weighing only 29lbs. Average birth weight for a hippo is 55-100 pounds. She required 24-hour critical care for several months. During that time she gained millions of loyal fans that have been following her progress and rooting for her health. We can now say she is a healthy young hippo, weighing in at 254 pounds this morning, and has mastered the art of navigating deep water.