Orphaned Baby Bats Rescued From the Australians Fires Eat a Variety Fruits While Safely Swaddled

A group of orphaned baby grey-headed flying foxes who were rescued from the devastating 2020 Australian fires in February 2020 and brought to Bat Conservation and Rescue Queensland, sat safely inside their swaddles and sampled a variety of fruits that were given to them. Despite the fact that several pieces of fruit appeared bigger than their little heads, each baby bat ate every last bit.

From 7 weeks of age, baby bats can start trying different fruits, so I filmed them when I was able to offer them a new fruit to try. These babies are now 12 weeks old, so they have been moved to our flight aviary to practice their flying and socialization in preparation for release back into the wild.

Rescued Flying Fox Samples Grape

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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