A Tiny Baby Bat Repeatedly Requests More Yummy Fruit After Tasting It for the First Time

Asha Baby Bat

After getting her first taste of sweet fruit, an adorable little baby flying fox named Asha who was rescued by Mega Battie, repeatedly requested more of the same from her very accommodating human attendant, who was very appreciative of Asha’s sweet manner and very big appetite.

Little Asha is a 6 month old orphan Black Flying-Fox and is just tasting her first fruit. She clearly loves it and I’m not fast enough feeding the little pieces of soft sweet pear into her mouth. Asha is a Black Flying-Fox in care with a specialist wildlife bat carer. It’s quite late in the season for such a young baby to come into care. She is being hand raised for release. When she’s 3 months old she will go to a creche where there will be other late babies from the season. She will shrug off her human conditioning and learn to be a bat.