A Sweet Human Baby and an Adorable Jaguar Cub Each Enjoy a Bottle of Milk Side by Side

In 2012, two adorable little babies, one human (Bella) and the other a Brazilian jaguar (Juma), enjoy their bottles side by side as if they were siblings. Being that Bella’s father is Airton Katsuyama, a well-known Brazilian biologist who rescues all sorts of animals, this particular sight isn’t as unusual as it seems.

Bella is 8 months old, and Juma is just 1 month, but both enjoy taking a bottle together. “Bella’s father, biologist Airton Katsuyama, rescues hundreds of wild animals in Mineiros/Góias. His daughters have always lived closely with some of these animals. Juma, a Brazilian jaguar “onça pintada” is one of them.

via Nothing To Do With Arbroath