Autonomous Vision-Enabled Robotic Dog Poop Scooper

Beetl Robotic Poop Scooper

Beetl Robotics has efficiently addressed the often procrastinated chore of picking after a dog with their robotic dog poop scooper. This autonomous machine is similar in nature to a Roomba indoor cleaner with a big exception – this robot has electronic vision to locate and zero in on its bounty, a clamshell scooper to dispose of said bounty and a sharp, serrated lawn mower blade to cut down high grass where the jaws can get stuck whilst retrieving said bounty.

There are over 35 million households in the US with dogs and backyards. Nobody likes picking up poop, so we built a computer vision-enabled robot to address the needs of dog owners everywhere. …We iterated on our robotic poop-scooper idea to add lawn mowing functionality. We opted for a sickle-bar grass shear mechanism to get the added benefit of releasing the clamshell jaws from long grass.

Beetl Autonomous Robotic Poop Scooper

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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