Astonishing Videos of a High-Performance Quadcopter Performing High-Speed Passes and Acrobatic Tricks

A quadcopter flies at astonishing speeds and performs aerial acrobatics in this remarkable video uploaded by YouTube user quadmovr. The extraordinary speed of the quadcopter and the near supernatural skills of the pilot defy belief and–among online commenters–arouse suspicion. The identify of quadmovr is a mystery, however in the last nine months the account has posted more than 20 videos of the high-performance quadcopter in flight. There is also a quadmovr blog on RCGroups that purports to show photos of various iterations of the quadcopter.

High Performance Quadcopter by quadmovr
144 KPH is 89 MPH for those of you keeping score.

High Performance Quadcopter by quadmovr

photos via quadmovr

via The Awesomer