California Artist Weaves Incredible Human Sized Nests Out of Invasive Eucalyptus Trees

Great Big Story traveled to Big Sur, California to visit with Jayson Fann, the proprietor and craftsman behind Spirit Nest Creations, a line of amazing handwoven, human sized nests, comfortable personal spaces that are sustainably made from different species of invasive eucalyptus trees. Seeing his designs as educational tools, Fann also works with local kids to teach them about their environment and nature.

A nest is a place where you have a sense of protection and strength. It’s like an earth temple or a nature temple. The wood is following a pattern, but not one branch is the same. …I’ve built around 50 nests all over the country, and now primarily, I build the nests with kids within an educational setting. As an educator, like, it’s really important to work with kids and help them realize that they have the ability to shape and create an environment.