Artist Builds Elaborate Walkable Labyrinths in the Sand on the Oregon Coast


Artist Denny Dyke builds enormous beautiful and elaborate labyrinths in the sand on the Oregon coast for the public to use. Each labyrinth is unique and walking the course serves as a meditative experience. When the tide rises in the evening, each labyrinth is washed away into the ocean.

I create walkable art. At low tide I draw classical labyrinths for all to experience. These are not mazes, but unicursal labyrinths with a single path leading to or through center. Join me for a walk in the sand. Circles in the Sand is dedicated to the path of the labyrinth as a means of transformation and healing.

Filmmaker Michael Fousie‘s short film “Circles in the Sand” features Dyke in the act of building a labyrinth on the coast of the Pacific Ocean near Bandon, Oregon.

Upcoming dates for future labyrinth builds are listed on his website.



photos via Denny Dyke

via Lost in Oregon