Father and Son Paint Art and Pop Culture Images Around the Fence Cutout Where Their Dogs Peek Out

At some point one summer, Brian Stanley decided to cut a hole in the fence surrounding his house so that his dogs Burger and Ripley would be able to see outside.

More recently, Stanley had some time on his hands due to the shutdown, so he and his son began painting art and pop culture recreations around that hole so that when either dog stuck their faces through, they would give life to the larger art project. Their cleverly punny paintings include “The Dog With a Pearl Earring”, “The Bark”, “Uncle Sam”, “Paws”, “Jurassic Bark”, and “Pac-Man”.

During the Covid shutdown this spring, my son and I started painting and hanging art to frame the hole. When the dogs stick their heads through the hole, it brings the art to life! We had an overwhelmingly positive response from the neighborhood and now have no plans to stop.

And this is what the fence looks like to the dogs.

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips