Appathy, A Mobile App That Takes You Down a Notch


Appathy is an anti-social app that balances out the constant “favoriting” and “liking” of Twitter, Facebook, and other social apps by informing the user of their online social failures. Blocked friend requests, mocked tweets–all the user’s saddest social media moments are highlighted by prompt notifications.

The goal of Appathy is straightforward: rekindle our appreciation of all those positive pings by surrounding them with the inanity of life’s typical interactions. With its groundbreaking ClearDisinterest(tm) technology, Appathy senses and captures the seemingly un-capturable: the unimpressed gaze, the rolled eyes, the brief moment of disdain. Your Humdrum Dashboard provides a birds-eye view of all those passed-over opportunities for connection and social interaction. It’ll even visualize your friends’ “dead zones”: the hours in the day when they’re most likely to ignore you.

Appathy is a tongue-in-cheek concept app by Arc90, the NYC consulting firm, product shop and idea incubator behind Readability. They also posted concepts for Getagrip, an app that regularly confronts the user with their own mortality, and Vincestagram, an app that inserts a guy named Vince into every photo.

via The Awl

E.D.W. Lynch
E.D.W. Lynch

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