TIKKU, A Three Story Pre-Fabricated Micro Apartment Building That Can Easily Fit Inside of a Parking Space

During Helsinki Design Week, the Finnish multi-disciplinary firm Casagrande Laboratory debuted their unique Tikku, an amazing prefabricated, three story, self-sufficient, environmentally friendly, micro apartment building with a footprint small enough to fit into a standard parking space.

Tikku is a needle of urban acupuncture, conquering the no-man’s land from the cars and tuning the city towards the organic. Many Tikkus can grow side-by-side like mushrooms and they can fuse into larger organisms.Tikku is self-sufficient.It produces its own energy with solar panels and it has dry toilets. Fresh water is carried in. Showers, saunas, laundry machines and food is around. Modern man has to die a bit in order to be reborn.

via Fast Company