Cartoonist Hilariously Animates the Conversation From a Beautiful Lasagne Dinner With Her Family

Family Dinner Toast

Cartoonist Lauren Lorenzo of the monthly series eLL cartoons, who previously animated a hilarious conversation between herself, her father, her grandmother and Amazon Alexa, invited her viewers to a beautiful family dinner, which also included Lorenzo’s siblings and their mother. Much of the conversation revolved around safe eating and the lasagne that Lorenzo’s father made, which he described in exquisite detail. And lots of wine.

Sharp provolone, extra sharp provolone, parmesan, fresh mozzarella. It’s probably the best lasagna ever made. It’s fresh pasta like, not hard you know, like softfresh handmade

The best part of the dinner however, was when Lorenzo’s 98 year old grandmother unexpectedly downed a shot of some unknown spirit.

Look what nanny likes to do

98 Year Old Grandma Does a Shot