An Interesting Overview of Irish Actor Domhall Gleeson’s Skyrocketing Career in 2015

In episode five of his exclusive series for IMDb, host Brandon Hardesty of No Small Parts takes a look at the remarkable skyrocketing career of Irish actor Domhall Gleeson, who has bounded into the public eye with his superbly acted roles in such films as Ex Machina, The Revenant, Brooklyn, Star Wars: The Force Awakens and in an episode of the absolutely sublime British series Black Mirror.

I think it’s great that Domhall’s finally getting a lot of different works where he can show off his versatility. His four films in 2015 are perfect examples. The subdued sweet Irish man in “Brooklyn”, socially awkward well-meaning programmmer in “Ex-Machina”, the stern, chivalrous captain in The Revenant, the maniacal, Hitler-esque General Hux, who he’s playing again in the upcoming Star Wars Episode VIII. He is a multi-talented performer and hopefully, as audience members we’re only seeing the beginning of a long fruitful career.