An Incredible Working Handmade Custom Fender Stratocaster Guitar Made Out of Cardboard

In a badass episode of the video series “Cardboard Chaos“, the ever-creative company Signal Snowboards partnered with the Fender Custom Shop to make a working Stratocaster neck and body (“Strat”) completely out of cardboard. While various talented employees at Fender proclaimed the finished project to be a “real Strat”, Linkin Park guitarist Brad Delson gave the cardboard ax final approval.

I don’t think people understand how insane that concept of tuning a paper neck on the guitar is. This guitar looks so cool and I can’t believe it’s made out of cardboard. I play these guitars on stage and the similarity in terms of even just the look of it…It’s amazing what they’ve been able to do at the Custom Shop. It’s one of a kind.