Amusing Illustrations That Are Completed With the Addition of Strategically Placed Food

Italian artist, author and Fantasy Researcher Diego Cusano has created a series of pencil illustrations that use all sorts of food to complete the picture. In doing so, Cusano has mastered how to strategically place the edibles in a way that compliments, rather than interrupts the flow of the image, for example, using bananas to make a parachute, an avocado as a green eye, a tomato as a the body of an insect, the manic flapping of a hummingbird’s wings recreated with dried pea pods, a popsicle for King Kong to climb and a ram’s horns made of shrimp, shows the humor and the beauty within everyday items. Prints of these illustrations are available through his Etsy site where Cusano explained his approach.

(translated) What aspects immerse yourself in the fantasy world where “nothing would be as it is, because everything would be like it is not!

via Foodiggity