Typical Behaviors, Customs and Trends in the United States That Visiting Europeans Might Find Unusual

24 Hour United States

After discussing the decidedly American behaviors often demonstrated abroad, the wonderfully plain-spoken series The Infographics Show names a few of the typical behaviors, customs and trends found within the United States that may come across as unusual to visiting Europeans. This includes the variety and quality of foods, tipping, customer service, fashion trends, the grand size of everything, the 24 hour availability of goods and services, and the puzzling preponderance of guns in civilian households.

While it may not seem too weird for Europeans, the fact that some people in the states carry firearms might be scary. Per capita, more people in the states own guns than any other country. While most cops in Europe do carry guns, it’s unusual to see a cop in England, Scotland or Wales carrying a gun. The fact that regular Joes might be carrying a firearm seems fairly weird to many Europeans.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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