Amazing Overhead Drone Footage of the New Year’s Fireworks Spectacular Over Lima, Peru

Photographer Jeff Cremer captured with his drone the amazing splendor of the giant New Year’s Eve fireworks show over Lima, Peru. Cremer, currently based in Tambopata, Peru, humorously likened the spectacle to “the start of the air campaign in Iraq”. Normally Cremer is a wildlife photographer by trade, basing much of his work out of the Peruvian Amazon.

At around midnight I flew the drone over all the fireworks at an altitude of around 200m. I wanted to fly lower but I could just picture someone getting lucky with a direct bottle rocket hit to the drone so I stayed up high. All the footage was taken in 1080HD. I tried to keep the drone moving to make for more interesting shots. …I am originally from Colorado in the USA and have been working as a wildlife photographer in the Peruvian Amazon in a place called Tambopata for the past five years. I lead biologists, entomologists and tourists on scientific and photographic expeditions to remote regions of the Amazon jungle to discover new species.

via PetaPixel