Amazing Eye Tracking Glasses View and Record What a Pianist Sees While Playing the Instrument

Piano Eye Tracking

Professional pianist Daniel Beliavsky put on a pair of amazing Tobii Pro tracking glasses that recorded exactly where his eyes went while playing on his Steinway, a piece he knew very well. Student Charlotte Bennett put the glasses on and did the very same thing. Both musicians then reviewed the footage noting a bit of surprise at not being aware how their eyes moved while playing. When the experiment was repeated with an unfamiliar piece that needed to be sight read, the difference in experience between the two became readily apparent, as Beliavsky remarked to Bennett.

It’s really interesting again that’s something that I would expect as a teacher is until you get really comfortable with the keyboard you’re going to continuously look back and forth like this between the sheet music and the keyboard and because I’ve just had so much more experience, relatively speaking. No offense but I just feel very comfortable with the keyboard and I don’t have to look

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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