Altwork, A Sleekly Designed Standing, Sitting and Fully Reclining Ergonomic Work Station

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The Altwork Station is a sleekly designed compact workstation for those who spend a great deal of time on their respective computers. The result of over five years of engineering work, the Altwork Station offers multiple positions, from standing to sitting to fully reclining, which works specifically with the needs of the human body through the course of a day.

Altwork redefines how humans interact with their computers by allowing the computer screen and keyboard to physically conform to the needs of humans in the workplace. Unlike standard desk+chair workstations, high intensity computer users can use the product to sit, stand, focus (recline) and collaborate. In simplest terms, it allows you to work any way you want and the computers seamlessly moves with you, instead of forcing you to conform to it.

The company is currently taking orders for early adopters. They also are taking reservations for when they become available in 2016.

As an early adopter, you’ll be one of the first people on Earth to have a workstation that works with you. The list price for an Altwork Station is $5,900, but for our early adopters, we’re offering significant discounts. …Shipping to West Coast customers will begin in mid-2016, with the rest of the U.S. following. Altwork Stations are built in Sonoma County California and by shipping to customers close to the factory first we can provide the best possible support to early customers. Altwork products are not currently available internationally.

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