All Star Celebrity Bowling: Nerdist vs. Comedy Podcasters

In this episode of All Star Celebrity Bowling on the Nerdist Channel, Team Nerdist bowls against Team Comedy Podcasters at Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel’s The Spare Room. “How will their scores compare to their iTunes download stats?”

A coin flip pits brother against brother, Todd sports a tattoo sleeve and gets special treatment from the video editor, the guys tell their stories about bombing on TV talk shows… this one’s possibly the funniest yet, but from the lineups, that’s not a surprise.

Team Podcasters:
Marc Maron“WTF with Marc Maron”
Jimmy Pardo“Never Not Funny”
Greg Behrendt“Walking the Room”
Randy Sklar“Sklarboro Country”

Team Nerdist :
Chris Hardwick – Founder, “Nerdist Podcast”
Todd Glass“The Todd Glass Show”
Cole Stratton“Pop My Culture”
Jason Sklar“Sklarboro Country”

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