All Four Die Hard Movies In Less Than 5 Minutes With Music

An oldie (from 2007) but a goodie, this explosively entertaining music video also serves the practical purpose of condensing the complete (up to now) cinematic history of officer John McClane. The lyrics help a lot to remember important facts about the Die Hard series of films, like which ones take place at Christmas, and which ones don’t. Die Hard V is slated to come out next year–timed to coincide with the end of the universe (Mayan version).

Coincidentally this Sunday at San Francisco’s Dark Room Theater, Bad Movie Night is showing Live Free Or Die Hard (aka Die Hard 4). Bad Movie Night is San Francisco’s long-running, live local version of Mystery Science Theater, it’s all that and a bag of free popcorn. And it’s not entirely a coincidence, actually, as I am a sometimes host of BMN myself.

Here’s an interview with Guyz Nite, the band behind the words and music behind the clips of the films edited together. They haven’t been heard from for 3 years themselves, we can only hope they return to extend this for the new film.

By the way, “Yippie-ki-yay” is from an old cowboy song. Yes, older than the first Die Hard.