Contentious Junk Collecting Extraterrestrials Dance for Joy When They Find a Jukebox on Their Ship

In the short film “Alientologists” by Tyler Rabinowitz, a trio of extraterrestrials who collect space debris from a defunct Earth, fight over which of the random items are important. At one point, an argument got so contentious that one of the aliens accidentally released all of the collection back into space. Left all alone, the clumsy alien noticed that a strange bright, lighted box had arrived on board. Upon learning that this giant box played sounds pleasant to his ears, he donned a pair of tap shoes that arrived alongside the jukebox and began to dance. Soon the other two came out to see what was going on and wound up dancing as well, putting an end to all of their petty squabbling.

When Earth no longer exists, neighboring aliens examine human artifacts that float around in its place—like paleontologists learning about ancient ancestors. This is the story of a curious alien struggling to fit in with his robotic co-workers and how his accidental discovery of a mysterious box full of noise leads his team to understanding humanity’s most special gift: song and dance.