A Creative Cookbook Inspired by the ‘Alien’ Movies

Alien Cookbook

Chris-Rachael Oseland of Kitchen Overlord has written Alien: The Official Cookbook, a hardcover collection of recipes that are inspired by the Alien movies. While the book doesn’t explain how best to prepare a Xenomorph itself, it does provide clever instruction to make such tasty dishes that resemble the characters and the general mood of the films.

Included are recipes as “Avocado Xenomorph Egg”, “Bok Choy Facehuggers”, a “Red Pepper Quiche with Sausage Chestburster”, and “Avocado and Bacon Stuffed Alien Tea Eggs”.

Thrill your friends and frighten your family with 50 delectable recipes inspired by the cult sci-fi Alien series!

Alien Cookbook Alien Tea Eggs
Alien Cookbook Avocado Xenomorph Egg
Alien Cookbook Bok Choy FaceHuggers
Alien Cookbook Quiche Sausage Chestburster