Algorithmic Search for Love, An Automated Supercut Generator

algorithmic search for love by Julian Palacz

“Algorithmic search for love” by Austrian artist Julian Palacz is an art installation featuring a search engine that can sift through films for a spoken word or phrase. After the viewer enters a search term, a supercut-style montage of relevant clips is displayed by a projector.

In a time in which digital cultural assets far outweigh analog, the ease with which we can now amass and exchange material has resulted in large personal collections of media data (music, films, series etc.). Julian Palacz has devised and developed a search engine that is able to enter text to search personal film and video archives for spoken language. An individual collection of films thus becomes a database of keywords and every spoken word or phrase in the archives can be searched. By entering a sentence like “i love her”, all film or video clips with this phrase will be shown in sequence.

via The Creators Project

E.D.W. Lynch
E.D.W. Lynch

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