Alchema, A Smartphone Enabled Machine That Simplifies the Process of Home Brewed Craft Cider

Alchema is a smart machine that simplifies the home cider brewing process through the use of a proprietary app that offers recipes, indicates proper weights and amounts and provides a schedule to let the user know when the brewing is done. The machine uses yeast, sugar along with any kind of fruit and spice to create a uniquely concocted cider at home.

We created Alchema to simplify homebrewing, starting with cider. Alchema brings the joy of craft cider to you and your loved ones. You pick the ingredients, and let Alchema take care of the rest! With Alchema, you can create your own flavor of craft cider or mead within 2 weeks. You can also make wine with Alchema with your own resource of wine grapes and age it for longer.

Founder Oscar Chang raised funds through Kickstarter to pay for production costs in his quest to bring “Alchema into homes across America” and now Alchema is available for pre-order.

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