Alaska Airlines Employees Sing About Safely Flying With Them in an Amusing Parody of ‘Safety Dance’

The air and ground employees of Alaska Airlines perform an amusingly adapted parody of the classic Men Without Hats song “Safety Dance” in a clever campaign that touts the safety precautions the company has taken to ensure fearless flying with them in the upcoming year.

At Alaska, we love safety so much, our employees made a music video about it. Watch the Alaska Safety Dance and find out how to safely get back out there in spring and summer 2021.

The company brought in director Warren Fu, choreographer Anna Matuszewski of Teenie Banana Disco, and a full production team to work with the employees appearing in the video.

To prepare, our employees were given videos of the choreography in advance and asked to practice at home prior to arriving on set. …The day prior to filming, employees did a full 8-hour dress rehearsal where the group perfected the moves with the choreographer. Filmed over two full days in our Boeing cabin trainer and the Alaska Maintenance Hangar in Seattle, employees did a phenomenal job showcasing our safety measures in a memorable way.

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Safety Dance Alaska Air Dance
Safety Dance Alaska Air Pilot
Safety Dance Alaska Air

Here’s the original version of the song.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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