Agent of Good: Connected Hospitals, GE Ad Stars Agent Smith From ‘The Matrix’

“Agent of Good: Connected Hospitals” is a General Electric commercial by Warner Brothers starring actor Hugo Weaving as Agent Smith from The Matrix film series. He gets into character and shows how “brilliant machines are helping millions of people every day.” You can view more information on the General Electric website.

The Industrial Internet, an intelligent network connecting doctors to patients and machines, has the potential to break these silos and turn the dark data into a brilliant stream of bits that make doctors as well as patients go smarter about their jobs and choices, saving billions along the way. According to a recent report, the global healthcare industry wastes as much as $730 billion per year. The Industrial Internet could improve health care efficiency and deliver $100 billion in annual savings.

GE’s got the message. The company’s AgileTrac technology, Centricity offerings and other systems and software are already helping hospitals handle patient data, track admissions, discharges and equipment, and manage everything from beds to hand-washing to help combat hospital-acquired infections.

Dive into Aventura Hospital to see how GE Healthcare’s software technology funnels real-time data through hospital operations, helping nurses and doctors get to patients faster.

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