Affordable Prefabricated Foldable Tiny Homes

The Latvian company Brette Haus has created a wonderful line of affordable prefabricated tiny homes that uses the principles of origami to unfold and be placed into wherever the customer decides to call home (within Latvia). Each house has a 100 cycle hinge system within, making placement far more simple than other prefab homes. The homes are also fully equipped for any type of lifestyle.

Brette Haus is the only company that prefabricates folding houses with the unique 100-cycle hinge system. It makes comfortable, durable houses ready to relocate almost an unlimited amount of times. Imagine your cosy home anywhere! …you will find all necessary engineering prefabricated: plumbing, electric wiring, sewage. Every house is equipped with lights, a toilet, sink, shower tray, kitchen countertop, and mixer taps. We can offer off-grid cabin solutions depending on your location: pre-wire the house with solar battery kit, add a pumping station with a water filter, and a sewerage module.

The tiny homes come in three different styles with a variety of layouts. The Rustic line features three different tiny homes with a sloping roof, the Urban line features modern container-style tiny homes with two levels, and the Compact line features two single-level tiny homes that are good for an office or a promotional booth. The company also helps with planning larger projects.

We have floor plans for versatile usage: city hotel, promo booth, ecotourism camping, etc. Also, we could offer you housing scale solutions for the “Compact F27” design, which allows us to offer 54, 81, 108 sq.m houses.

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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