AeroPress, A Quick & Easy Way To Make a Great Cup of Coffee


I recently took the plunge and bought an AeroPress coffee maker by Aerobie. It’s a really efficient way to make a great cup of coffee, in a very short time using using gentle pressure through a tube that sits right on top of your cup with a replaceable filter at the end. Also it’s super easy to clean, especially when you can just eject the puck of coffee and filter.

You can pick up an AeroPress on Amazon for around $25.

In 2010 Will Smith of Tested made a video showing “How to Make a Perfect Cup of Coffee with the AeroPress”.

Noted video creator Adam Lisagor of Sandwich Video shows the pure joy of using an Aeropress in his video “Ritual”.

Iced AeroPress

Instapaper creator Marco Arment posted a write-up on how to make great iced coffee with the AeroPress.

AeroPress image via AeroPress & iced coffee photo by Marco Arment

Scott Beale
Scott Beale

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