Adult Mario and Bartris, Two Video Game Themed Cocktail Robots at Roboexotica

I’m sure that many of you have noticed a big drop in cocktail robotic at your favorite bars recently. That’s probably because they are all this year’s Roboexotica event in Vienna (which started yesterday). Kyle Machulis, AKA qDot, has recently posted video of these two video game themed robotic cocktail dispensers. In “Adult Mario” the user plays a level from the classic Nintendo game Super Mario Brothers to earn a cocktail. Jumping on an enemy in the game results in the player being served a small amount of rum while collecting coins earns the player Coke. Kyle also added fans to the project, to give the player a breeze whenever they run.

In “Bartris”, the player plays a version of Tetris with colored pieces to create a cocktail. Grey pieces represent rum, brown pieces are Coke, and blue pieces are water. At the end of each round, the computer tallies up your pieces and serves your drink. I believe that alcoholic feedback could be the future of gaming. Anti-social gaming?

If you like these projects, you might like this video I shot with Kyle 2 years ago about his yo-yo controlled musical instrument.

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