Family Adopts Gentle Greyhound Who Has Never Been Indoors Before

A family in Tasmania adopted a beautiful greyhound from the Brightside Sanctuary whom they named Claude Kelleher. Sadly, he had never been indoors before. Once he got the hang of being inside, however, Claude made himself at home with the humans and animals he loves, and they all love him very much.

Family adopts dog that had never been indoors. Now he can’t stop smiling

Claude had a bit of a rough beginning. The person with whom he previously lived thought he’d been a good racing dog and he was treated as such.

The person that brought him to Tasmania had an idea of racing him and sort of lost interest and kept them in a paddock outside two years before they surrendered them to Brightside as soon as we met Claude he just was so sweet he sat right next to us the whole time.  He felt like he was the right dog for us.

Adopted Greyhound Lives Inside

Claude proved himself a gentle giant, especially when his humans brought home their newborn son.

We have a son and I was a bit nervous about how that meeting was going to go, because we had Claude first. From the moment we got home from hospital, Claude just curled up next to us on the couch and there’s been not one incident of him worrying us in any way.

The family also takes him out for runs on the beach near their home.

Claude also gets along really well with Hero, the Ragdoll kitten whom the family brought home.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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